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Part time, Full time, Flexible Schedule, Shared Tips

At Three Sisters we strive for teamwork and customer satisfaction combined with respect for all staff members.

All workers are expected to treat customers the way they would like to be treated, have/use common sense and work independently.


Everyone is encouraged to work all positions; scooping, barista, baking, dish washing, restocking, cash management and of course learning how to mop a floor REALLY WELL!


Whether you work here for a year or for many years we feel strongly that every worker be treated with respect, has opinions worth listening to while at the same time is expected to give it their all and understand that they are super important.

Come Work With Us

We ask that all members of the team be available for at least 3 of the 5 weekend shifts:
- Friday Night.
- Saturday Morning.
- Saturday Night.
- Sunday Morning.
- Sunday Night.

We are currently NOT hiring for Morning shifts Monday through Friday.


Thanks for submitting!

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